About Us

Who we are?

The entrepreneur – Ms. Cheshta Pancholi - is a professionally trained ‘Third generation entrepreneur’. She is passionate about innovation; especially in apparel design and prints. The entire family feels strongly about environment, more so about the damage which single use plastic is doing to our oceans.We are on a mission of providing an economically viable replacement of single use plastic.

The brand Shreeya’s is inspired by her 1 year old daughter who is a blessing from mother nature and curios to know more and more about plants and insects. We are based out of India and have two units. First is in Jaipur, Rajasthan and other is in Jalgaon, Maharashtra.

What we do / make?

Bags, Pouches, travel organizers, passport covers, Aprons, Kids DIY Kits and many more types of products as per your needs. We are mindful of environmental impact of any industrial products hence we follow certain do’s and don’ts which are given below :-

  • Be a minimalist. Make from hands. Prefer humans over machines.
  • Use un-processed / raw fabric unless customer specifically desires otherwise.
  • Avoid synthetics. Use only natural fabrics such as cotton and canvas. Produce something which is 100 % biodegradable.
  • Prefer screen print over digital / heat emulsion / Laser prints as its carbon and chemical footprint is way less.
  • Introduce ‘Fun Quotient’ in the content of print. Use funny quotes. Allow client to get their ideas printed on their bags.
  • Be mindful of diversity and inclusion. Gender sensitivity is something upon which we can score really high (without being boastful).

What we can do for you?

We can customize. Share your ideas and leave rest upon us.

Why should you buy from us or do business with us?

We treat customer satisfaction equally important to the economics. Good Economics lies in repeat orders instead of one-time transaction. We are more interested in getting you deal with us again and again. It’s just like visiting the same specialist once he has won your trust.

Any other question?

Please mail us and we will be honored to respond within no time.


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