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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

I have spent 32 beautiful years of my life, loving, laughing, and searching for similar thoughtful and committed global citizens who feel the same way I feel about the (ab) use of single-use plastic. Blessed with a lovely daughter in the year 2017; I came upon an incident that compelled me overnight to look for a sustainable yet economic replacement of tonnes of plastic that finds its way into our landfills and ultimately oceans.

Challenge was to make the bags in such fashion that it is friendly to the environment and end customer’s purse at the same time. Only then the wave of ‘anti-plastic’ sentiment could translate into sound economics and finds its way into our habits and culture. Luckily we live in a world where less use of resources means less environmental and social cost. While designing the final products humble and humane technologies are given preferences. For example, choosing Screen Print over gigantic and chemical-strong digital print.

I am sure that since you are reading this, you share the courage, character, and conviction of the first man on the earth who loved his home and was mindful of the fact that the biggest danger this planet could ever face is the belief in its residents that somebody else would save it from being ruined. Seriously, we would never come to know what made you buy from us or otherwise. But let’s do our own imperfect, little bit of coming out of comfort zones and saving our planet. It’s urgent. Let’s do it now.

Keen upon the line of thought, after almost a month’s of extensive traveling, sourcing, and finding channel partners, we launched our Vegetable Compartment Bag in March 2017 which was loved and shared by a very huge number of Indians esp. in Mumbai. There was no looking back from that point. Schools approached us for Kids Aprons, Play arenas approached us for Kids DIY Kits, To-be-brides and grooms requested us for eco-friendly wedding bags and homemakers asked for other customized products that were attractive yet eco-friendly.

We stand here today – humbled – by the immense love you all have shown. I thank you again for sparing two precious minutes from your busy schedule and reading this. Do check the below links if you wish to know what all keep us going.

Have a great day ahead! God bless! Cheers!

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