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DIY projects have taken over the internet and most households over the past decade. From kids and teens to adults and seniors, they are all into creating new and innovative things from scratch. So, DIY kits are designed to help them realize their vision for a creative project. Now, there are a range of different DIY kits available at your disposal, but our unique DIY kits are indulgent enough to make sure that boredom doesn’t see the light of the day.


Are your kids interested in crafts? Do you see them becoming the next Picasso? Well, then try our special DIY kits to take that interest forward. Our bags are designed to act as a painting canvas for the kids, or an essentials bag or even a place to keep their goodies and carry around. We produce high quality, eco-friendly and sturdy cotton bags, making us the best printed cotton &canvas bags manufacturer in India. For kids who like to paint or even love playing games, we also have sustainable art aprons to protect them from spilling paints all over their clothes.


For kids who like indulging themselves in DIY projects from scratch, we have DIY rakhi sets that they can colour, paint and decorate as they please. But, why should kids have all the fun? We have the best DIY kits for adults as well. Our ready to paint pouches are another offering that will definitely keep you and your kids engaged while also giving you time to bond. If you like organising stationary items and travel around with them, our pencil roll up case will definitely come in handy for carrying around pens, pencils, colors, makeup brushes, paint brushes while also giving you the freedom to decorate, beautify and accessorise it as you please.


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