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    Is switching over to reusable fabric bag costlier than the single-use plastic carry bags?

    No. It is rather cheap by all means. Firstly if you use fabric bag for first two month, the per day carrying-cost is definitely lower considering you use (and discard) daily three single use plastic bags. If you use more than three single use plastic bags daily, then your savings are even greater.

    Secondly our customers have shared that the material and the prints on the bag add a punch to the way they carry themselves around. It’s about the style quotient. Elegance never goes out of fashion.

    Thirdly and most important is the satisfaction that we are on right path to avoid plastic. As rightly said by some-body, “we don’t need few people to celebrate anti plastic movement perfectly. We need billions of us to do it in our own simple and humble ways.”

    Come on, give it a try. Let’s do something good to our mother nature... TODAY ITSELF!

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    Why should I buy from Shreeya’s?

    Cost effective, handmade, ethically sourced, minimalist and yet classy. Our bags / products are something you will never regret buying. Still if you have doubts after purchase then we have 5 day return policy (With no questions asked).

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    What if I did not like the product I bought?

    We have 5 day return policy. However products which are customized do not come with option of return. In any case we would be keen to address the concerns at any stage of our association with our valued customers.

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    Do I get customized bag as per my need?

    Yes you do. On a minimum order quantity, you get an option of ‘Limited customization’. Minimum order differs according to the type of product you chose. However an additional cost will be there to get customization done.

    On orders above 500 pieces we offer a ‘complete range of customization’ including type of fabric and its base color.

    Currently we are unable to do customization on quantities below 30, however we are hopeful of starting that service soon.

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    Is shipping free?

    The normal surface shipping is free on orders of and above INR 999 /- pan India (Except Andaman and Nicobar). For others standard charges apply. Please check your cart while finalizing the order.

    For bulk selling the shipping is different. The same shall be mentioned in our communication with you.

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    Are all bags washable? Are they water resistant?

    Yes! They are. It’s something which makes them so easy to re-use. However the natural tendency of cotton is to shrink. Please see the wash instruction carefully.

    Making a bag water resistant means use of plastic / polyester / synthetic fabric as lining or interlining. We don’t use plastic and plastic similar. Hence our bags are not water resistant unless customer specifically asks for one.

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    Still have question?

    Please write to us and we would be honored to answer your query within no time.


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